Call for Experts (Activity 1)

Although Tanzania has been considered as a model of performance in the fiscal arena, the country is at a crossroad of its strategic macro-economic development.

The needs remain important in terms of public expenditure, health facilities, water and sanitation(1), education and poverty alleviation programs. The country has enough assets and resources to become a leader on sustainability and stability in the region. The human resources and skills’ potentials are tremendous. As many of its neighbours, Tanzania is also facing challenges related to governance, implementation of the tax system, fairness in tax harmonization, poverty alleviation, infrastructure, agricultural modernization, access to facilities in remote areas, and job opportunities for the youth.

Stability, security and cohesiveness are part of the country’s long-term positioning.

Tanzania’s population is estimated to grow, as well as urbanization. Young people are a huge potential for development and represent an asset for macroeconomic reforms. A growing population will trigger an increased demand for infrastructure and amenities. Development is dependent on infrastructure development, trade, Foreign Direct Investment, Economic corridors and an increased consumer base. Heavy Infrastructure investment into rail, port and road is expected to be one of the main drivers of the G.D.P, creating a burden for the trade deficit and for the value of the currency.

The global objective of the project is to promote dialogue on economic, resources, policy and fiscal governance in Tanzania and to create a platform for sustainable dialogue including public and private stakeholders in different regions. The other objectives are :

  1. To promote and disseminate high quality and evidence-based research on policies, resources, economic and fiscal governance
  2. To nurture debate among stakeholders from the public, private and civil society sectors, on economic and fiscal governance issues, especially with government stakeholders
  3. To increase research capacity and expand the links, networks and connections among economic and governance research institutions in Tanzania.

We are looking for experts in the following areas:

  • Macroeconomic policies in Tanzania
  • Policy dialogue in Tanzania
  • Support to the private sector in Tanzania
  • Fiscal reform
  • The implementation of SDGs
  • Economic development

The selected experts will have the following advantages and opportunities:

  1. Business opportunities: you will be informed about the procurement of studies and opportunities to organize consultation events during the 2 years lifetime of the project;
  2. Get invited to panels of experts: you will receive invitations to attend main events (no per diems are planned if you are based in the city where the event will take place);
  3. Exchange with other researchers: this will notably facilitate peer learning and peer to peer knowledge exchange.

Please send a short biography (half a page to a page) listing your main publications and achievements before April 15th, 2020 to

PDF (266KB) : Call for experts Activity 1

(1) According to the World Bank, issues related to water supply, sanitation, and hygiene (S.D.G.6) impose a US$206 million toll on the country’s annual gross domestic product