Extended Deadline: Call for Study Proposals (2nd Study)


We extending the deadline for Study Proposals on Tanzania’s Fiscal Governance, Budget Needs and Public Expenditure with an Analysis on Inequalities and Trust. The new deadline is 6 January 2021.

Important additional information: 

The evaluators will not consider proposals
 which would not cover fiscal policies and inequalities in Tanzania in general (case studies can be included, but the study has to cover fiscal policies in general). The study needs to integrate data/elements so as to cover the year 2020, and the methodology should include both desk review and field work. The proposed work plan must clearly integrate the drafting of 3 policy briefs, and the presentation of results to the second panel of experts (online around May 2021 date to be confirmed) and to the consultation event (Mwanza around June 2021 date to be confirmed). The budget has to be presented in euros and cannot exceed €20,000. 

More information in the attached document.

Pilot4Dialogue – Call for Study Proposals (Revised) (PDF/0.24MB)