First Study now Online

The Pilot 4 Research and Dialogue project has published the first study on “Macroeconomic policies and Fiscal Reforms in Tanzania: Positive Developments”.

The main goal of this report is to present findings of the interim review which sought to perform an in-depth analysis of the macroeconomic and fiscal reforms in Tanzania amid the implementation of the second FYDP II (2015/16-2020/21). The study explores the current situation in relation to the implementation of the right and adequate macroeconomic and fiscal policies/reforms. In doing so, this report highlights three key areas that inform macro-financial performance of the Tanzanian economy, focusing on achievements and vulnerabilities. The report also suggests ways to deal with these issues particularly through policy dialogues. These broad areas are: monetary banking sector performance; fiscal and budgetary framework; and the external sector performance. Accordingly, the review team examines the main assumptions and drivers behind the macroeconomic and fiscal reforms made at midterm in order to analyze the main achievements and gaps in the implementation framework.

This study builds on a review of relevant documents and research. Evidence assessed during the review process includes national surveys and reports, sector reports, annual reports from different stakeholders, studies and information issued from the World Bank, IMF databases and different FYDP reports. Apart from that, for triangulation purposes, the review team made field visits in the regions of Mwanza, Shinyanga, Moshi, Dodoma and Dar es salaam to check on reliability and consistency of the secondary data and reports.

Find the complete Study and the Executive Summary here.