Call for provider to organize Online Consultation Event November 2021

Pilot 4 Research and Dialogue is looking for providers to organize a Consultation Event about the project’s second study on Macroeconomic Policies, Foreign Direct Investment and Emerging Economic Sectors in Tanzania.

The suggested date for the event is November 2021.

DEADLINE: 30 September 2021

Details are also available in the Terms of Reference (PDF/0.32MB)

Scope of the Service

The scope of the service is to organize a consultation Event about the project’s third study on Macroeconomic Policies, Foreign Direct Investment and Emerging Economic Sectors in Tanzania.

3 topics have been preliminary identified. Only two of these topics will be discussed, each during a 2-3 hour session. These topics are:

  1. Strengthening the Horticulture Value Chain: Policy Options for Tanzania
  2. The Impact of Tax Policy on FDI in Tanzania
  3. Achieving Inclusive Green Growth: A Pathway to Sustainable Development and Poverty Eradication

The topics may eventually be adapted by the research team and adjusted by the project team depending on the study’s findings. These topics can also be changed following requests from the EUD or from the Ministry of Finance and Planning. We however expect the final choice of the two topics to be made at the end of September at the latest.

Our initial target was to attract approx. 100-150 participants to the consultation events, including key stakeholders, but because of Covid-19 we have decided to continue with the organization of an online event, which will be organized on a platform preferably Zoom, and simultaneously streamed online on a channel like YouTube, in order to be open for participation to a larger audience.

Suggested date: First half of November 2021, with possibly two sessions of two-three hours each, either in immediate succession, or organized over successive weeks.

Each session will start with one commissioned paper presentation (thought-provoking keynote speech of 10-15mn max), followed by a debate with 3-4 panellists and Q&As with the audience. Each session will last maximum 3 hours. The panellists should be recruited among researchers, good speakers, experts, civil society organizations, the private sector, and the government.

The registration to the event will be compulsory. But non-registered participants will have the opportunity to follow the event on Youtube.

Registration to the event is free.

Eligibility and profile of applicants

We are looking for an organization experienced in:

  • Online Events
  • Moderation, Dialogue
  • Management of Events

Activities to be implemented:

  • Participate in online coordination meetings with the project team
  • Propose an agenda and speakers to be validated by the team, and by the Ministry of Finance and Planning.
  • Send out invitations.
  • Advertise the event well in advance.
  • Create an online form for registration (with the team).
  • Manage registrations.
  • Create the zoom links with the coordinator.
  • Co-moderate the event including the chat.
  • Record the Event.
  • Draft the events’ short reports.

Note: The agenda and Presentations should display the project and EU logos and add the mention “co-funded by the European Union”.

Available Budget:

The available budget for the study is 6,000 Euros for the provider + per diems for speakers and presenters (200 Euros for the two keynote speeches) and 100 Euros for the other panellists (3-4 per panel).
All amounts are VAT included

Procedure for Submission of Proposals:

Proposals should include details on relevant experience, a proposed agenda outline, and online tools to be employed, as well as the budget, experience and CVs of organizers. Proposals should be submitted to info[at] with copy to elise.feron[at], pascaline, gaborit[at], and olomi[at] before the 30 September 2021.

Details are also available in the Terms of Reference (PDF/0.32MB)