Policy Brief: “Challenges with Competitiveness of Horticulture in Tanzania”

The Pilot 4 Research and Dialogue project has published a new policy brief on “Challenges with Competitiveness of Horticulture in Tanzania”.

The growing demand of fruits and vegetables in the global market has created a great export opportunity for the Tanzania’s horticulture subsector which has a great potential to expand and contribute to the improvement of local economy.
Exploitation of such potential is however constrained by uncompetitive tax structure; unstable supply chains characterized by weak market linkages; lack of consistency in delivery of quality products; lack of coordination between institutions; poor logistics; and inadequate extension services.
To harness Tanzania’ horticulture potential and increase international competitiveness, there is a need to revise the tax structure; improve logistics procedures; improve standards of produce; and promote digitalization.

Find the complete Policy Brief here.