Policy Brief: Promoting Green Economy in Tanzania

The Pilot 4 Research and Dialogue project has published a new policy brief on “Challenges with Competitiveness of Horticulture in Tanzania”.

There is a need to formulate a comprehensive and practical Green Economy Policy and strategies to implement existing policies relating to the environment and the green economy. Since Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) promotes the utilization of natural resources for sustainable development, the initiative should be replicated in other sectors such as manufacturing and agriculture. The promotion of ecotourism will add more value to the sector as evidence shows that global spending on ecotourism is increasing at a higher rate than the industry-wide average growth. Environmental and green economy regulations should be clarified to MSMEs to stimulate the adoption of green practices by these institutions which account for more than 90% of the country’s business profile.
If young people are provided with the right training schemes to work in the conservation programs (both land and marine), more jobs will be created and inclusive resource management will be enhanced. There is a need to increase advocacy programmes to promote the green economy and green growth agenda among the public and marginalized groups particularly women and youths.

Find the complete Policy Brief here.