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Prof. Marcellina Mvula Chijoriga

Prof. Marcellina Mvula Chijoriga

Prof. Marcellina Mvula Chijoriga is the Executive Chairperson  of LOGIMAC. Marcellina, a Professor in Finance and Business Management has served at the University of Dar es Salaam Business School for the past 36 years. Marcellina professional expertise and strength are in finance and business management. She is a seasoned trainer and facilitator for both public and private enterprises. She has researched and published numerous books, journal papers, and conference papers.

Prof. Marcellina has more than twenty (20) years experience in consultancy and research services and good demonstrated understanding of the Tanzanian economy and business environment especially the banking and financial institutions sector; the agricultural sector,  the fiscal and monetary policies and general government strategic policy framework for the socio-economic development of Tanzania. Marcellina has consulted for various local and international organizations including government ministries, departments and agencies; development partners;  private sector organizations and non-governmental organizations(NGOs). She is currently the liaison officer and Management Consultant to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), and supports and facilitates the government of Tanzania, other public and private organizations. She has also a good understanding of the operating environment for both private and public sector at national, regional (local level) and international levels having saved as an adviser to the International Monetary Fund Sub Saharan Advisory Group (IMF-AGSA(3 years)) and the World Bank Policy Advisory group(3 years) and board member of the Association of African Business Schools (4 years); and Vice President of the Operations Research Society of Eastern Africa(6 years).


Doctorate in Economics and Business Administration, Witschaftsuniersitat Wien (WU), Vienna, Austria; MBA, Finance, Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium; Postgraduate Diploma in Institutional Economics, University of Connecticut, USA; and B. Com Accounting, University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania;

Major Achievements:

  1. Chairperson for the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA)for 6 1/2 years and Board Member for 9 ½ years. Raised revue from TZs. 45 billion per month to TZs 750 billion; Instituted computerization and integration of the tax administration systems;  Capacity Building of Specialized Tax audit experts e.g. Process and mining engineers etc; improvement of tax policies and regulations e.g. mining and investment laws.
  2. Dean of the University of Dar es Salaam Business School for six(6 years)(2006-2012); established various programs and increased research funding to the school.
  3. Liaison Person and Management Consultant for Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in Agricultural space in Tanzania from 2012 to date.
    • Assisted in the government of Tanzania in the establishment and institutionalization of the Agricultural Delivery Division (ADD)(2012-2015).
    • Supporting and facilitating BMGF in all strategic meetings(2013-to date) in the agricultural sector including attending the Agricultural Sector Development Partners Working group (AWG) and the Private Sector Development Partners (PSD) group, other policy meetings.
  1. Finalization of the Agricultural Sector Development Program -Phase II (2016-2017): Lead facilitator for the provision of technical support to the finalization of ASDP II.
  2. Mapping of Agricultural Investments in Tanzania (2013-2017): This involved mapping all investments carried by the government of Tanzania, Development partners (DPs) supporting agriculture; private sector and non-governmental organizations and non-state actors (NGOs/NSAs).
  3. Development of a 3 years project(2015-2018) for TPSF on Strengthening Advocacy on the  Business Environment and Private Sector Organizations (PSOs) Coordination
  4. Assessment of Effectiveness of Development Cooperation /External Resources and Partnership Principles in the Context of the MKUKUTA/MKUZA Review(2010).
  5. Preparation of the Joint Financing Arrangement Framework (JFAF) for Government and Development Partners for the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism and Sector Development Partners- 2008
  6. Conducted a Study on Integrating Aid Into Government Planning and Budgeting Mechanism for the Embassy of Japan (2007).

Main Publications:


    1. Chijoriga M. M. (2006) Lending Work Book, Tanzania Institute of Bankers ISBN 9987 694 179
    2. Chijoriga M.M., D. Olomi and N. Mori (2009) Micro Finance. In Olomi D. (2009) African Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development: Context and Process edited, Otme Company Limited
    3. Chijoriga M. M. and Cassimon Micro-Enterprise Financing: Is there a Best Model or Scheme(1999) In Rutashobya and Olomi (1999) African Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development, DUP-University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Papers in Journals

  1. Chijoriga M.M. (2011) Commercialization and Transformation of NGO Micro Finance Institutions on Tanzania MFIs) In Tanzania –Business Management Review, No 15, ISSN 0856 2253
  2. Chijoriga M.M. (2010) Application of Multiple Discriminant Analysis (MDA) as a Credit Scoring and Risk Assessment Model Published in the International Journal of Emerging Markets- Emerald, Vol. 6.2 .
  3. Chijoriga M.M et al (2008) Credit Risk Management System of Commercial Banks in Tanzania International Journal of Emerging Markets – Emerald Vol. 3 No. 3.
  4. Chijoriga M. M. (2006) Financial Deepening and Rural Financing in Tanzania: Are Community Banks a Solution? Tanzania Economic Trends: A Biannual Review of the Economy Volume 19, No.2
  5. Chijoriga M. M. and Robert R (2004). Impact of Financial Sector Reforms on Domestic Savings, Investment and Cost of Intermediation in Tanzania African Journal of Finance and Management, No 24, Vol.12 (2) ISSN 0856-6372
  6. Chijoriga M. M. and T. Aloisi (2003) Implications of Financial Institutions Regulations on Assets and Liabilities in Depository Financial Institutions in Tanzania – Business Management Review. Vol. 8 N0. 2, July – December ISSN 0856 2253
  7. Chijoriga M. M. and H. Chalu (2003) Financial Disclosure in Emerging Markets- Business Management Review, Vol. 8 January – June ISSN 0856 2253
  8. Chijoriga M. M. Performance and Sustainability of Micro Financing Schemes in Tanzania( 2000)–A Paper Presented at the 3rd International Conference on African Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development 28th –29th September 1999, and published in the Austrian Journal of Development Studies, Volume, XVI/3, December.
  9. Chijoriga M. M (2000) The Interrelationship Between Bank Failure and Political Interventions in Tanzania. A paper presented at the Nordic Africa Institute’s Conference on Financial Institutions in the Political Economy 11-14th June 1998 Bergen,, and published in the African Journal of Finance and Management, Vol. 9, No.1. July
  10. Chijoriga M. (1997).  Potentials and Limitations of Micro and Small Enterprise (MSEs) Financing Options in Tanzania – In the proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Modernization and Management Entebbe Uganda Faculty of Commerce University of Makerere Uganda.
  11. Chijoriga M. (1997). An Application of Credit Scoring and Financial Distress Prediction Models to Commercial Bank Lending: The Case of Tanzania, Doctoral Dissertation Vienna Austria.

Recent Conference Papers

  1. 2019 Chijoriga M.M. Research for Microfinance in Inclusive Development. Paper Presented to the Research Week University of Dar Es Salaam Business School (UDBS), 04th April 2019
  2. 2019 Chijoriga M. Agricultural Investments in Africa for Promoting Industrial Development and Inclusive Growth. Paper Presented at the African Academy of Business Development, in Dar es Salaam, 10th May 2019
  3. 2015 Chijoriga M.M. Effectiveness of PSOs in Public-Private Dialogue: An Assessment of Dialogue Mechanisms in Tanzania – Paper Presented at the International Conference on African Entrepreneurship and Small Businesses (ICAESB), Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  4. 2014 Chijoriga M.M. and Komba P. Effectiveness of Public-Private Partnerships in the Infrastructure Sector in Tanzania, Paper presented to the Operations Research Society of East Africa(ORSEA), Nairobi, Kenya.
  5. 2012 Chijoriga M. Partnerships with the Corporate World and Public Sector: Case for Business Education Partnership (BEP). Paper Presented to the EFMD Annual Conference, Sustainable Business Education Appropriate for Africa, October 11-12 In Nairobi, Kenya.
  6. 2012 Chijoriga M.M. The Demographic Dynamics of Sub-Saharan Africa: What is Needed to Create Work Opportunities for the Young Populations?: Opportunities and Challenges Presentation at the IMF- AGSA meeting 16 – 17 May 2012, Livingston Zambia
  7. 2012 Chijoriga M. M. Enhancement of Revenue Collection and Expanding the Tax Base. Paper Presented to the Controller and Auditor-General Annual Meeting, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, 2nd March 2012
  8. 2011 Chijoriga M.M. and Urassa G. Analysis of Business in Tanzania for Poverty and Human Development Report (PHDR), Presented to  REPOA
  9. 2011 Chijoriga M.M. Private Sector Growth. Employment Creation and Competitiveness, Paper presented to the IMF- Sub-Saharan Africa Region Advisory Group Meeting in Bamako Mali, 9-10th March,