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Mr. Hans Determeyer

Hans Determeyer

Hans Determeyer is a senior adviser and experienced team leader with expertise in the domains of business environment reforms, private sector research and advocacy, and approaches tailored to promote an optimally effective public-private dialogue environment, including knowledge management.

With a Masters in African Studies (Leiden University) he has developed a deep understanding of the history and cultural complexity of the African continent. This background allows for a good insight in longer term processes of systemic change as we saw accelerating around the turn of the century.

Over the past 30 years, Hans focused on the ambition of civic engagement in inclusive policy processes, delivering valuable results also in politically sensitive environments and across a broad range of sectors. With an aptitude to spot opportunities for synergies and networking, he entertained effective working relations between universities, government entities, development partners, media, non-state actors and uncommon combinations thereof, thus strengthening the fabric of society in a given target country. Hans worked as long-term programme manager, but also provided short advisory contributions in a variety of civic engagement projects, and the design, monitoring or evaluation thereof.

During his academic and post-academic studies Hans took specific interest in information flows in low-literate environments and emerging economies. This has now become highly relevant in view of the new media communication expansion, both urban and rural. The unprecedented access to information and inherent feed-back potential continues to create exciting new perspectives.

On a more personal note, Hans has developed a good rapport with representatives of all social strata that may form part of the work environment. Essentially informal and very accessible by nature, he can function adequately in settings of protocol as well in direct interactions with the ultimate beneficiary. On the basis of his intercultural experience and understanding however, he prefers to work from the background, where and when feasible allowing national players rather to take the foreground.